Stittsville Artist Tour Perspective

This is not the timeliest update but better late than never.

I can say that hosting hundreds of people into your home while sick with a cold is not the best idea but hey, I was “pot committed” as they say in poker. If it weren’t for my best friend coming over the night before and helping me curate it would have been a room with blank walls.

The first day went well with a steady stream of traffic a few inquiries and a lot of talk about my technique. I had some of my students drop by as well as colleagues and family. Overall it was the general public that graced my threshold.

The second day was strange. No visitors until about noon. Then just as I was getting into my book 15 visitors showed up at the same time. A steady stream of visitors arrived until about 4.

Overall it was a good experience. I had no sales but several commission inquiries. It was not my goal to sell necessarily just to gain the confidence to start showing again. I had some media drop by, you can read my article in the EMC Newspaper.

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