Little time for art

I must admit I have not painted a single brush stroke in
6 months. My pallets sit abandoned in my studio, canvases half completed. It’s not from lack of ideas or inspiration. I have plenty of ideas just no time. I find myself too busy to paint. Painting is a pleasure I give to myself, a reward to be savoured. But not thins long!

With a full-time job, 150 students and countless freelance projects on the go. I am not close to my New Year resolution of “simplifying my life”.

I think the point I’m trying to make here is that we all need to reward ourselves with the things we want to do even if it’s a small gesture. Following our passion, it fuels our soul gives the juice to carry on. I have the passion, maybe too much. I need to simplify and simply paint.

Be in the moment and cherish the results.

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