Looking for a long-term relationship economy


“I like long walks on the beach and a crisp cold Radler.”

Building relationships will need more than a quick one-liner. Strong relationships need 2-way dialogue. According to Jerry Michalski, creator of REX a think-tank for change, Relationship building is a collaborative space for designing the next generation of the economy. We are moving, thankfully, into an age of open dialogue, sharing and trust. Companies are looking for meaningful and authentic ways to engage their audiences in a new way through the Relationship Economy. Many concepts are aligned with this vision such as Open Source, Occupy Wall Street and Creative Commons.

Jerry has a few ways to help you get involved in the Relationship Economy:

  • REX Commons, which includes the REXpedition Blog. This commons includes screencasts, videos, podcasts. The commons also features Jerry’s Brain, a “freely browsable concept map built over the last 15 years, containing 190,000 interconnected nodes” ( Michalski, n.d.) with multiple resources.
  • REX Cohort, which is a private community of practice. The members are diverse and include managers, leaders, HR professional and marketers from fortune 500 companies to startups,

To me social media engagement is a perfect platform to start relationship building. And as a design professor teaching within a Public Relations program, this seems like a good fit. I’ll be examining this concept further to learn how to implement change in the new relationship economy.

You can learn more about Trust and Education through Jerry’s TEDeX talk



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