31 Day Painting Challenge

Let’s face it, 2020 was a tough year for all of us. With 2021 also being a tough slog I decided to take part in the Strada Easel Painting Challenge. That’s a painting a day for 31 days! 31 different oil compositions and about 120 hours of work! The challenge offered rewards of Strada Easels and painting courses through Sentient Academy.

In the long run, the reward was the journey. Daily painting inhibited my need for perfection and sparked joy in everyday objects. I discovered that I did have time to paint every day. I also found that I could use my daily painting to pay it forward. Living in Ottawa, I have had easy access to art supplies. For many Indigenous youths living in remote communities, it is a struggle to find simple art supplies. To pay it forward 10% of Daily Painting sales will be donated to The Art For Aid Project which aims to provide Indigenous youth and educators in remote communities with quality art tools.

In 2022 I took up the challenge again, this year 20% of the proceeds were donated to Ottawa Paw Pantry which provides temporary food assistance to qualifying low-income pet owners who are currently unable to afford food for their pets and may be forced to give up their pets without food assistance.

Please see what available in my Daily Paintings Gallery

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