A selection of Education Technology tools, theory, books, resources and interesting folks to follow. I’ll be adding to this, check back for updates.

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Education Technology Tools

Educreations | iPad whiteboard Application
Shareable whiteboards. Record audio, handwriting or images.

Examples in practice: http://www.appsinclass.com/educreations.html

Explain Everything | Create, Collaborate, Share and Discover
Interactive whiteboard for use on all devices. Used for sharing knowledge, building understanding and collaboration.

Teaching perspectives inventory assessment
Identify your perspectives on teaching, instruction and learning.

Learn more about my teaching philosophy.

Using Educational Technologies


Using interactive media not just lectures
Interactive media allows the facilitator to foster engagement, active learning and community building. Usage recommendations for videos, blogs, podcasts, or wikis personalise learning which allows the student an opportunity to get to know the facilitator.
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Educational Informatics Lab
An introduction to the EILAB, a digital, human sciences observatory at the Faculty of Education, UOIT, Canada, and the academic domain of Educational Informatics.



Learning Communities & Online Engagement

The Community of Inquiry theoretical framework
Creating meaningful learning experiences through three interdependent elements – social, cognitive and teaching presence.
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Social Presence: Chronemics and Non-verbal communication
Chronemics is defined as non-verbal communication in relation to time. This includes the speed in which posts or replies are given, the time of day messages are sent and the frequency of communication.
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