Masters Journey

I am embarking on a journey of discovery by becoming a student in the Royal Roads Masters of Art in Learning and Technology. I’ll be recording my thoughts over the next 2 years. Come along for the ride!


Defining my teaching philosophy – April 5, 2017
Owning up to the nurturer, apprentice and the cheerleader

Looking for a long-term relationship economy – August 9, 2016
Building relationships will need more than a quick one-liner. Strong relationships need 2-way dialogue.

Follow the yellow brick road – August 8, 2016
I’ve just walked down this yellow brick road and looking forward to finding what is at the end of it.

Navigating Mindful Inquiry – August 2, 2016
History is reinterpreted by the people reflecting on it. What we know re-orders the way we interpret what happened in the past.

The Layover  – July 18th, 2016
The last time I was in Vancouver, I was a spirited 16-year-old Punk-Rock girl with bright pink hair.